About us

The Art of Flow Creative Community was born out of a desire to share & connect with others who are on a path of creative discovery...
to help spark and encourage beautiful ways to explore art in a joyful and nurturing space...

Gabbi Kitchener

Hi, I'm Gabbi and I'm delighted to invite you to join me on this creative adventure.

I am a painter and enjoy working in an intuitive and spontaneous way. 

For almost 20 years, I have been teaching children & adults, supporting them to connect to their own creativity and artistic freedom. I have worked with thousands of people and have witnessed their personal transformations.

My personal creative journey has been an awakening and deepening of perception and sensitivity. I'm delighted by the moments, glimpses, of being in an altered state, meditative and dreamy... I love that mysterious feeling.

I strive to create an environment that will support each participant and their unique process.

My intention is to be completely open and to freely spread the positive effect that living creatively can have on us.

I truly believe that every one of us is a creative being. Nourishing and nurturing this in ourselves can enhance our lives and those around us.

Martine Springer 

Hello, I’m Martine
I grew up with an innate passion for creating Art. 
For many years that creative passion was behind a camera, or in a dark room at High School, where I was lucky enough to have my HSC work selected for ‘Art Express’, & then ‘Sydney College Of The Arts’ where I received a BA in Visual Arts.
In 2015 I had a calling to paint. I was lucky enough to grab the last spot available in Gabbi’s 5 day, Art In the Garden workshop which sparked a joy within that continues to grow & evolve.
Gabbi’s generous Heart along with her bag of magical tools & techniques continue to inspire me and expand my Artistic practice. Painting Intuitively, intertwined with taking photos, is a perfect blend for me.
I’m so excited to now be part of Gabbi’s wonderful ‘Art Of Flow’ Team’ &  I’m looking forward to being a part of, yet another layer of this joyful community that is ‘Art Of Flow’

Lainie Young

My name is Lainie. I’m a visual artist living in Sydney. I’ve spent most of my life with a camera in hand and more recently discovered intuitive painting. I absolutely love the layering process- what it reveals personally and discovering how it relates to life. 

Painting has opened up a whole new landscape. It continues to speak to my Spirit, inspiring and challenging my connection to Self and the world around me.

Leanne O'Loughlin

Hello, I'm Leanne. I am new to painting, since meeting the wonderful Gabbi and team. I have been assisting at Gabbi's in-person workshops for a couple of years, and love to see people's distinctive expression blossom when given the opportunity to realise that we are innately creative, and capable of creating incredibly beautiful, surprising and unique creations. I'm thrilled to be part of the 'Art of Flow' team and this wholehearted community.

For me, intuitive painting gives us an opportunity to “Do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” (Elizabeth Gilbert).

Welcome to you

from the Art of Flow team.