Art of Flow 

A three day creative immersion, together in the bush...


Spring Retreats 2024

Blue Mountains
3rd - 6th of October
4pm Thursday - 4pm Sunday


Bamarang Bush Retreat
14th - 17th of November
4pm Thursday - 4pm Sunday

A nurturing experience to fully support you.

Register your interest for 2024

We have started planning our retreats in NSW for Spring 2024.  
We will let you know as soon as bookings open.

Encouraging a focus on the process...
and the enjoyment of being in the moment.

The days will be flexible & focused on individual needs. 

You can participate in as much or as little as you like. There will be time for bush walks, relaxing and getting to know each other.

Explore... Enjoy... Discover... Create…

  • intuitive and expressive art making.
  • developing observational skills.
  • exploring how to express form with feeling and energy.
  • gentle guidance & encouragement.
  • connecting with your innate creativity.
  • collaborations with nature & ephemeral art.
  • experiments in creativity.
  • exploring colour with feeling & freedom.¬†
  • practicing self compassion¬†and finding joy in¬†the process.

Art of Flow was born out of a desire to share & connect with others who are on a path of creative discovery... to help spark and encourage beautiful ways to explore art in a joyful space...

Art of Flow Retreat

For all enquiries please contact
[email protected] 


Michelle. F

"So incredibly grateful for the teachings, demos, poetry, inspiration and guidance... Thank you gorgeous beautiful Gabbi for your love and light that always shines through you... and beautiful Martine, Lainie and Leanne, thank you so much to each of you. So much gratitude for your love and support and guidance….I am so glad I came."

Rosie & Annette

"Excellent, warm, supportive, uniting…. You dear ones, all a blessing. Thank you for all you have created and learned to share with others so generously!!" Rosie

"A really special retreat and a lovely warm team of women. Thank you Gabbi, Martine, Lainie and Leanne. And all the artists that came to share…Also totally enjoyed the dance night too. xx" Annette

Al. B

"It’s a privilege to be allowed to share female space. 20 new girlfriends! I loved the connection with everyone. I’m a better person for knowing you all."

Wendy Rioseco 

"It has been way more that just an art retreat- supportive, energetic, transformational."