creative cycle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this month of creativity suitable for any level?
Absolutely, Everyone is welcome!
You don't need to have any previous experience to participate...

How much time should I put aside each day for moon2moon?
You might complete the daily prompt in 5 minutes on some days and in 30 minutes or more on others.   

How does it work?
Every day I will email you a link to the new daily prompt and in your own time you're invited to respond by... drawing, painting, photographing, sculpting, writing or making in whatever way your heart desires.

Then you are encouraged to share your visual response in our private and very supportive Facebook group.

You are welcome to participate in as many or as few days as you like...

What supplies do I need?
A sketch book is probably an easy way to get started. Any drawing or painting tools you already have... pencil, pastel, markers, crayons, ink, acrylic paint, watercolours, brushes, big paper, canvas, painting board, collage materials.....

What are the Dates & Times for the moon2moon creative cycle?
Times are Sydney time, Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST.

We start on the new moon 🌙
Day 1 - Wednesday 29th June
There is a FB Live WELCOME at 11am AEST on that day.

On the full moon 🌕
Day 15 - Wednesday 13th July
We will have a half way FB Live at 11am AEST.

The dark moon 🌑
Day 28 - 26th July
We will have a celebration FB Live on Wednesday 27th July at 11am AEST 

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
The Facebook live sessions will all be recorded and saved in the FB group for you to watch later.

How will I find the Facebook lives?
Ways to locate The Facebook Lives in the FB Group when they are Live: 

  • Open the Art of Flow at home Facebook group and Refresh your Facebook page
  • Check announcements in the menu at the top of the Art of Flow at home Facebook group page
  • Check FB notifications

How do I log into the moon2moon creative hub?
When you sign up for the moon2moon creative cycle you will be asked for your name, your email and a password. This password can then be used for each login.

If, for any reason, you need a new password reset, please email l[email protected]

What if I am not receiving/can’t find emails?
Sometimes emails can end up in your junk mail, so please check if they are there first.

To make sure your future emails from Art of Flow arrive in your inbox, 

you can: 

  1. Save my email address in your contacts g[email protected]
  2. Mark messages from me as “Important” That way they should arrive in your inbox.

How Long do I have access to the moon2moon content?
All of the moon2moon content will be available for 3 months.

What happens after the moon2moon creative cycle?
The Art Of Flow Creative Community Membership will open up to welcome new members. I’m really excited to be able to offer this opportunity, for new members to join our growing, beautiful creative community.

Suggested Materials List 
You do not need everything!!! 
(You don't even need paint)
These are just ideas...

  • Objects from nature that you have at home & that you might collect during moon2moon
  • Paper
    You can use absolutely any paper that you already have.
    You might like to get an A3 pad (200gsm is a good minimum weight)
  • Paint
    A few basic colours in acrylic paint or water colour paint or ink.
    eg. Red, blue, yellow, white & burnt sienna (maybe black... whatever you have will be fine).
  • Brushes & tools 
    I love a big brush or sponge & a couple of smaller ones for details.
    A skewer or stick for etching into the paint.
  • Drawing tools
    Pencil, pen, markers, crayons, pastels or any other drawing tool.
  • Water Spray Bottle

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