with Art of Flow

You are invited
to join me for a
mini workshop.

Monday - Friday
15th - 19th April

Exploring joyful ways to paint
Deepening trust and confidence
in your innate creativity.


Create a unique & original painting that you love!

If you are searching for more freedom and joy in your art...

Or if you have never painted before and feel curious...

This fun and easy process will support you to trust and connect with your personal self expression. 

daily video lessons

You will receive daily exercises via email with video tutorials to support your creative process.

live painting sessions

Daily Facebook Live painting sessions (they are recorded and will be available to view for 10 days)

interactive community

A private Facebook group will be our workshop space for sharing and for guidance and encouragement. 

Five Day Creative Adventure
Workshop Dates:
15th - 19th April 

11am Daily AEST
The cost is $20

Replays are available

Paint for just 30 minutes a day... or more

For five days we will explore intuitive painting with acrylic paint.

Paint on one canvas or a piece of paper, adding new layers every day. 

A joyful and freeing process of layering paint... encouraging trust in your own deep inner knowing. 

Painting with a playful approach can lead to surprising and alive works of art.



Start your creative journey and dive in


Approach new ideas with curiosity


Enjoy the process and let go of fears


Sink into a deeper state as you paint

There will be


Our worksop participants will have a chance to win from these prizes:

The Barbara Ann Woolcock Memorial Scholarship - one year membership to the Art of Flow Creative Community.

A one full year membership to the Art of Flow Creative Community.

And three participants will win a one month membership to the Art of Flow Creative Community. 

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About Art of Flow Creative Community 

Subscribing members have access to the Creative Hub. The hub is a growing collection, a library, of art exercises, tutorials and videos to explore.

Every fortnight a new art exercise is emailed and added to the hub.

We interact, connect and share our art process in a private facebook group. To support the exercises I share practical demos in weekly Facebook Lives.

​It's a warm, loving & encouraging environment. 

And once a month, on a Tuesday evening, we paint together, live, via ZOOM.

Participants learn new skills and techniques with a focus on the process and the enjoyment of being in the moment.

The group is made up of such beautiful souls who all want to support & uplift one another, we are each other's cheer squad and want to celebrate each other's explorations, successes and random weird stuff too.

Memberships to the community will be opening again on the 19th April, right after the 5 Day Creative Adventure.

Gabbi Kitchener

Hi, I'm Gabbi and I'm delighted to invite you to join me on this creative adventure.

I am an artist and enjoy working in an intuitive and spontaneous way. 

For over 20 years, I have been teaching children & adults, supporting them to connect to their own creativity and artistic freedom. I have worked with thousands of people and have witnessed their personal transformations.

My personal creative journey has been an awakening and deepening of perception and sensitivity. I'm delighted by the moments, glimpses, of being in an altered state, meditative and dreamy... I love that mysterious feeling.

I strive to create an environment that will support each participant and their unique process.

My intention is to be completely open and to freely spread the positive effect that living creatively can have on us.

I truly believe that every one of us is a creative being. Nourishing and nurturing this in ourselves can enhance our lives and those around us.

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Sometimes an old belief gets in the way of growth... 


You might believe one or more things on this list...

These thoughts and beliefs can inhibit us from growing and most of them are not even true... 

I like to challenge this negative self talk by painting up a storm! 


  • I don't know where to begin
  • I haven't painted since I was a child
  • I've always wanted to but...
  • A teacher once said I had no talent
  • I'm creative but not artistic
  • I've tried but I'm not good at it
  • Art is only for "talented" people
  • I can't draw or paint from my imagination
  • I don't have a creative bone in my body
  • I can't even draw stick figures
  • I'm embarrassed for anyone to see my art
  • It's self indulgent to spend time exploring creativity
  • I don't have any space to paint
  • I don't have time to paint

Link to the suggested materials list here

Frequently Asked Questions



"Art of Flow saved me. And it continues to do so. It's a safe space created by a loving and wildly creative artist, Gabbi Lancaster who freely shares her processes and self with us. That beautiful spirit and intuitive creativity has become a core that connects us all.

Even when I cannot find a way to create, sometimes for months on end, the group is always there for me without any pressure and I feel nothing but love when I am ready to come back from the myriad of stressors life has to deal out.

Through Art of Flow I've learnt so much as an artist, found friends and even more, I have found a family. I have found acceptance and even found myself..."

with all my love, Harli Vi xx



"When you join the Art of Flow you feel like you are getting a great big nurturing hug for your creative practice, but of course it’s a lot more than that.

I have learned to relax into and enjoy my painting practice due to the calm, kind, caring encouragement I have received from Gabbi, her team and the supportive membership who are like your personal cheerleaders.

Membership has provided me with regular stimulation, ideas and challenges to ensure I am nudged gently out of my comfort zone, which is such a lovely place to be, but nothing ever grows there. Slowly and gently, the inevitable happens, and your skills and more importantly your confidence grows, without you barely noticing it happening.  With confidence comes pleasure and satisfaction and motivation to keep improving. 

Also you see and support everyone else in the group, and share in the struggles and triumphs which we all go through.  This provides in itself such a rich source of learning, not just in terms of practical technique, but even more importantly, mental attitude and appreciation of self and others.  This is what Art of Flow magically achieves.

So I owe a debt of great gratitude to Gabbi and every one of my new friends in Art of Flow."


"You have a lightness and genuine vivacious charm in your presentation Gabbi. You make me feel right at home because you’re not trying to emulate someone else. These are ‘your’ classes!  You see us as individuals and know you make an effort in identifying us separately and consider our needs. As a kid I was the shy withholding student, as competitiveness didn’t suit me. I love the encouragement and uplifting attitude we have in this community you are leading. I can honestly say that I feel and see my own progression, and as someone without any training, I have learned so much in the time so far, and have pushed my personal boundaries and don’t hold back. At my age (60 next year) you kind of lose the fear of what other people think of you or your work, but it’s lovely to have so much beautiful and positive feedback!" 


Jennie R

"Since being a member of Art of flow my art practice has really flourished. I really love painting in the intuitive style it's exciting and the end result  always surprises and delights me..Such a special gentle safe and supportive group I am so happy to be a part of."


Liz Mather

"I have fiddled with paint and been to classes off and on for some years but really learnt very little. I was never motivated to paint much between classes as it never captivated my soul even though I had a large tilting table everything on hand. Now I want to paint all the time and am on the way to finding my mojo. 

I’ve learnt about layering, glazing, colours, brushwork, mixed media and surfaces. We have painted water, trees, faces, nudes and abstracts. We have painted big and small. We have used paint, pastels, chalk, charcoal, glue and ink. 

Posting work for the first time on the Facebook group was at first intimidating but the feedback from Gabbi and the amazing members of this group is so encouraging that soon leaves you. 

I love that no one copies, that we all learn from Gabbi and others in the group but that everyone is finding the style that zings for them."



"I feel so grateful to be on this journey which is honest, thoughtful and nourishing."


Judith & Julian

"It has been our privilege and joy to be part of Gabbi Lancaster’s art community. It has brought new energy, light, love, laughter and colour into our home. The dining room table is now our studio, our clothes now covered in paint (not to mention my fingers)! And we have surprised ourselves with the art that has sprung from the paper! Gabbi is encouraging, enthusiastic, attentive and supportive as a teacher. As an added bonus we have made new friends, most whom we’ve only met virtually, and it’s wonderful to have a like-minded creative community during these challenging times."



"I enjoy everything about the lessons we have been given to date and fully trust your guidance and expression in the format of their delivery. As pretty much a beginner I have learnt so much, especially that it’s ok not to know, to just allow without all that fear and stress. To enjoy it!"


"I think it has really given me confidence and brought me a lot of joy in what I have produced. It’s also been a lot of fun and really great to be a part of the group and be inspired by the other artists’ work. I’ve also learnt some new techniques and approaches. And it is so lovely to get positive feedback. Just so fantastic. And what a great bunch. So supportive and talented!!! And your support and encouragement has been sublime."



"I hadn’t done much art for many years other than playing around with the kids.   I joined art of flow for a 28 day challenge and rediscovered my love of art and the happiness it brings me.  The group is so supportive and accepting it doesn’t matter the skill level the aim is sharing and improving and I can definitely say that I have opened my mind to a different perspective and have really developed my skills.  Getting the drawing prompt each day and guidance to help you makes all the difference.  Really recommend this to anyone hoping to grow their skills."

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